Upcoming Conferences for Point Inside

April 24, 2012

Point Inside is excited to send our executives to some awesome conferences in the next few weeks including Decoded Fashion, Digital Hollywood and Telecom Council..

The future is here: Smartphones and shopping trends

April 16, 2012

Point Inside

After extensive we research, Point Inside compiled some of our favorite stats around smartphone and shopping trends in a handy infographic. Retailers, we made this for you. […]

nSide Private Ad Network

April 13, 2012

Today, we’re excited to announce nSide, the first private ad network for retailers and brands. nSide combines Point Inside’s unique indoor shopper- and product-location technologies.

Why “Check-Ins” aren’t enough

April 4, 2012

It seems like every day it costs me more and more to fill my car with gas. So when I go shopping, I want to make sure I don’t waste time and money. As I think about the apps that will help me go shopping, the last thing I need is to play games that use up more of my gas money.

With Foursquare, the app assumes you don’t know what you’re looking for, and it tries to make a game out of getting you to shop around. Unfortunately, that requires you to visit multiple stores in order to gain the benefits. It doesn’t matter how many rewards you unlock, or how many badges you earn, it’s not going to cover the cost of gas. […]