How Point Inside Approached Development of the Interact Platform

Point Inside has developed our Interact platform over the last two years, incorporating our indoor mapping and micro-location technologies, the engagement engine and many other new features into the platform. It is the foundation for the Meijer shopping app and we’re in discussions with more retailers about using Interact to power their apps.

The design and utility of Interact are based upon three overarching principles:

  • Smartphone usage is rapidly increasing. The growth in smartphone usage is rapidly accelerating and shoppers are now using them in surprising ways. This offers a rare opportunity to create a new, greater level of customer/retailer engagement.
  • Smartphones are always on. No matter where someone is, odds are that they have their smartphone with them. Add the understanding that shopping often starts at home with shopping lists and product discovery, followed by travel to the store and then actually being in store. Helping customers through all of these parts of the buying process opens a whole world of possibilities.
  • Smartphones are not laptops or desktops. They have their own unique capabilities including location awareness, a convenient form factor and barcode scanners. They are much more personal than “personal computers” ever were. That means retailers’ presence on smartphones can’t be just “mobile optimized” versions of websites*. The potential for smartphones is so much greater and retailers need to take advantage of this.

With Interact, customers engage with highly personalized content, including product information, reviews and tailored deals.

Retailers can make very relevant suggestions to customers at home making their shopping lists, send them daily deals when they are nearby, and provide exact locations for products inside the stores. And Point Inside’s micro-location technologies understand where a customer is within the store and provides valuable additional context for influential messages while they are shopping.

We’re very excited about working with our retail partners to take advantage of the opportunities smartphones offer.

* Actually, they can be. But that’s like making the transition from the horse and buggy era to the automobile by having a horse pull the car.

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Point Inside has transformed the shopping experience by enabling retailers to engage proactively with customers through their smartphones at every point along the purchase path.

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