What is it like to work at Point Inside?

(Why Startups are better than Corporate Jobs)

I recently joined the Point Inside team, and for the last three months I’ve learned what it’s like to work at a startup. I have been absolutely blown away with how different it is from my past job, working at a large corporation. Here are just some of the reasons why I’ll happily choose a startup any day of the week.

- New Opportunities and Responsibilities: I’ve been encouraged to learn new skills, think outside the box to solve challenges and given the opportunity to provide my opinions and feedback on anything that comes up, and it’s actually listened to.

- Special Projects: So far, I’ve encountered a few challenging tasks that required learning new programs and new methods of working in order to complete them. I’ve been assigned fun project after fun project where I can put my past experience and expertise to use. It makes the job interesting and always changing, with no worry for stagnation or monotony.

-Awesome Atmosphere: There have been tons of perks like having great peers, enjoying the Loud Song of the Week, Trivia Tuesdays, engineers with Nerf guns, or even having a beer with my boss after meeting a weekly goal. The job has me actually looking forward to going into work every day, a feeling I did not have at all during several years of my previous work experience.

- Hard Work Pays Off: Since working here, I’ve seen my hard work receive praise and comments, and I’ve gotten instant gratification for completing goals, as I can see results immediately. This was overlooked completely in my previous corporate workplace as every employee was just “doing their job” or what was expected of them. There were no kind words for going above and beyond what was asked, and absolutely zero gratification for completing a task of any size. At Point Inside, it’s encouraged, rewarded and is very much worthwhile. I look forward to applying myself at whatever is thrown my way next.

Looking to join an awesome team?  Point Inside is hiring.

Guest Blogger: Dan Schirtzinger, Content Development Technician at Point Inside, is a Fire Spinner, Animal Lover and Gamer Extraordinaire.

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  1. Trivia Tuesday has been awesome! (Even though my team didn't win this month). It's true the people here are really great to work with.

  2. thumbs UP!

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