Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile is Key Differentiator for Retailers

Point Inside, Meijer Find-it, iPhone 4, handIt is no surprise that the number of retailers that find value in using mobile in-store rose significantly over last year.  According to a recent report by RSR Research,  not only is mobile helping retailers drive traffic to their stores and improve their in-store experience, it is also helping retailers differentiate themselves.

Mobile can offer the following benefits:

  1. Drives traffic to stores: Awareness of store location and location-based promotions help to drive shoppers to your store.  The report found that 87 percent of retailers see value in using smartphones to drive traffic to the store compared with 65 percent last year.
  2. Differentiate the store experience: According to Paula Rosenblum, a managing partner at RSR Research, Miami, “If you can create an engagement model with mobile media, shopping in store becomes a lot more interesting.”  Games, scavenger hunts, and mobile coupon-clipping are other ways to differentiate the store experience.
  3. Convenience: Mobile apps can allow customers to self-serve.  They not only can provide directions to the location, maps of department and product locations, but also product information, ratings and pricing.
  4. Money saving elements: Location-based promotions and coupons not only can help drive shoppers to the store, but can also keep in them in store and increase basket size.
  5. Intimacy: Rather than being frustrated when they can’t find a store representative, shoppers in retailers with mobile apps or mobile optimized websites can find what they are looking for using their smartphone.

In age where shoppers have the option of staying at home and shopping online, retailers need compelling reasons to bring customers into their stores.  With the expected 50% growth in smartphone ownership over the next year, not only can mobile not be ignored, but it is critical for retailers since it is always on and always with shoppers.

For an excellent article on the topic, we recommend Mobile, a key differentiator for in-store shopping in Mobile Marketer.

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