50,000 Android Downloads Last Week Alone!

Point Inside App Featured in Android MarketHaving the Point Inside Maps for Airports & Malls app featured in the Android Market is nothing short of amazing.  The increased exposure that comes from being featured on the first or second page of the Featured Android Apps section has translated into 50,000 downloads last week alone!

Here are some great recent quotes from users:

  • Umesh: “Awesome app. Especially for guys like me who hate wandering around looking for stores..”
  • D: “Excellent app … gets you where you need to go anywhere you wanna go.”
  • Satya: “Awsome app. Just what I was looking for…”
  • Michelle: “I love this app! I am so directionally-challenged, and I depend on this app all the time to get me thru malls and airports efficiently!”
  • TBHausen: “WOW! Very, VERY cool! Great concept and will only get better over time with our constructive feedback.”

We wanted to send a big thanks to all of our users!  Your high app rating and positive feedback have helped to get Point Inside featured in the Android Market.

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Point Inside has transformed the shopping experience by enabling retailers to engage proactively with customers through their smartphones at every point along the purchase path.

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