Meijer Find-It App Featured in Mobile Marketer

powered by Point InsideThe Meijer Find-It App powered by Point Inside was recently featured in Mobile Marketer.

Since the release of the Meijer Find-It app fall of 2010, the app has been used to analyze customer behavior to provide better and more personalized service to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Point Inside was tapped to create the app using its Interact Platform to combine indoor mapping, micro-location services and customer engagement.  The resulting app allows shoppers to access sales, view pertinent information and pinpoint the location of more than 300,000 items in the Meijer retail supercenter using their smartphones.

“Location-based services are popular, but no one seemed to have solved how to get someone from entrance to product location for a mass merchant,” said Elizabeth Wilson, head of ecommerce, marketing and promotions at Meijer Inc., Grand Rapids, MI.

“The ability to assist any customer with a smartphone if a team member isn’t near by and the ability to keep us innovating the technology are the challenges that Point Inside addresses for Meijer.”

Point InsideThe app not only assists customers with creating and managing shopping lists, but also provides updated information on weekly specials and product promotions available in the store, and syncs wirelessly with the customer loyalty program.  Point Inside’s patent-pending technologies then steer customers to the exact locations of products and deliver targeted content such as coupons or sale information, based on the customer’s location within a Meijer store combined with current and past behaviors.

“We’ve always been impressed by how Meijer cares about providing great, leading edge services to their shoppers,” said Jon Croy, vice president of business development and cofounder of Point Inside, Bellevue, WA.

“Location-based services such as being able to tell a customer exactly where to find a product answers the question that is asked thousands of times each day at the checkout counter: ‘did you find everything that you were looking for,” he said.

The Meijer Find-It app is currently available for free download for Android and iPhone.

For the complete Mobile Marketer piece written by Giselle Tsirulnik, please view: Meijer app steers customers to exact locations of products in-store.

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