Point Inside sponsored Oh Boy! Oberto hydroplane wins at Seafair

One of the really cool things in Seattle is the annual Seafair celebration. It has lots of boats, the Boeing Air Show (including the Blue Angels), pirates (arg!) and is part of the 2012 Air National Guard H1 Hydroplane racing circuit. It’s lots of fun.

But you know what’s even cooler? Being part of the event. For the second year in a row, Point Inside is a proud sponsor of the Miss Madison Oh Boy! Oberto Unlimited Hydroplane.

And still cooler than that? Oh Boy! Oberto won the race with driver Steve David.

Point Inside sponsored Oh Boy! Oberto Hydroplane with Larry Oberto.

Congratulations to the entire team at Oh Boy! Oberto 2012 Air National Guard H1 Hydroplane.

To read the official chronicle of the race, go to http://www.seafair.com/news.aspx?ID=264&Mon=8&Yr=2012

Oh Boy! Oberto Hydroplane passes Mt Baker.

Oh Boy! Oberto Hydroplane driver Steve David with Point Inside VP of Engineering Keane Watterson.

For more on the Boeing Air Show – including the Blue Angels and a lot of other cool stuff, http://seafair.com/AnEvent.aspx?ID=13&SecID=917

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