Indoor location-based marketing is the next big thing for retail

Typically when you hear “location-based marketing” you think outdoor. An app knows you’re in a certain neighborhood or city and therefore presents “relevant” deals/ads based on your geographical location.  After all, the definition for location-based marketing is “using global-positioning technology to send geographic-specific business marketing to consumers over their mobile devices.”

At Point Inside, we’re interested in indoor location-based marketing, which could also be considered micro-location-based marketing.  And we mean micro-micro-location. That is, within a few feet of the shopper’s location.  Combine that with knowledge of each product’s location in the store and you can start to make some good connections for the shopper.

Contextual Ads, Point Inside

With indoor location-based marketing, retailers and brands can:

  • Reach shoppers when they are making in-store buying decisions – even influence them to change as they have competitive products in their hands.
  • Present deals for products that are very close – within a few feet – of the shopper.
  • Allow shoppers to view a route of their shopping list through the store.  This not only makes their shopping experience more enjoyable, but also allows you to recommend complementary products that are both relevant to items on their list AND along their shopping path.

The beauty of indoor location-based marketing is that you can leverage lots of information to make offers and ads very relevant. Then narrow that list further to the products that are very close. For example, by combining shopping list data, search information, and overall shopper preferences you can create a bundle deal or help the shopper remember a complementary product that they forgot to add to their list but intended to purchase. And it’s right next to them.

Having a mobile strategy is so much more than simply having an e-commerce site.  Things are now in distances.  If you know how close relevant products are to people, you can more effectively convert.

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Point Inside has transformed the shopping experience by enabling retailers to engage proactively with customers through their smartphones at every point along the purchase path.


  1. avatar Lori Dersch says:

    Are you at all concerned with Privacy issues and what is the responsible way to handle my data for the stores? I see the usefulness, but it also seems kind of creepy.

  2. avatar pointinside says:

    At Point Inside, we take privacy very seriously and are open about the types of data collected and use of that data. Our Privacy Policy can be found at When the Point Inside platform is integrated into retailers' apps, we also adhere to the privacy policies of those retailers.

  3. It'd be really nice to get the deals I'm actually interested in… instead of having to sort through the hundreds of deals in the newspaper or online. I only want the deals I care about. Sounds like this can do that…

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