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How can retailers use mobile to better engage customers and fend off showrooming?

May 9, 2012

“Retailers are trying to make smartphones work for them instead of against them,” according to Wall Street Journal article Can Texting Save Stores? ”ËœGeofencing’ Lets.

Find the Balsamic Vinegar Fast!

August 17, 2011

Have you ever looked for a product, and wandered aimlessly through the grocery store trying to find it? Or, more likely, tried to find a.

84% of Shoppers Use Shopping Lists

July 27, 2011

Point Inside developed app, mobile shopping listStaying top of mind with your shoppers can be a challenge.  Why not leverage a habit that they are accustomed to?

Around 84 percent of shoppers use some form of shopping list* and increasingly these list makers are leveraging their mobile devices with digital shopping lists.  Digital shopping lists can help your store stay in front of customers as they create their list at home or on the go.

Point Inside developed a digital shopping list for the Meijer Find-it app that allows shoppers to search for products, add them to their list, and find deals and coupons.  As an added bonus, each product location is mapped to the aisle level making finding (and buying) each and every item easy.

Since 79% of smartphone shoppers use their phone to help them shop**, having an app with a digital shopping list can put you ahead of the competition and increase your customer engagement before shoppers even arrive at your store. […]

At Point Inside, we’re all about mobile devices, shoppers and retailers

July 6, 2011

Welcome to the new Point Inside website! We’ve come a long way in the past two years.

Our new website outlines all the new and exciting things we’re doing.

We’re excited to publicly announce the Point Inside Interact™ platform. Interact has transformed the shopping experience by enabling shoppers and retailers to proactively engage each other through smartphones at every point along the purchase path. From initial research and product discovery to the creation of shopping lists and in-store product locations, Interact helps retailers connect with customers. There is more about Interact on the website and in upcoming posts. […]

Meijer Find-It App Featured in Mobile Marketer

May 3, 2011

powered by Point InsideThe Meijer Find-It App powered by Point Inside was recently featured in Mobile Marketer.

Since the release of the Meijer Find-It app fall of 2010, the app has been used to analyze customer behavior to provide better and more personalized service to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Point Inside was tapped to create the app using its Interact Platform to combine indoor mapping, micro-location services and customer engagement. The resulting app allows shoppers to access sales, view pertinent information and pinpoint the location of more than 300,000 items in the Meijer retail supercenter using their smartphones. […]

Wednesdays with Warren: Review of Meijer Find-It App

February 9, 2011

Nacho Doritos, Point Inside, iPhone App, Android App, Free

This week’s blog is about one of Point Inside’s partner apps, Meijer Find-It. This app is a total savior inside Meijer stores across the country, giving you everything needed for a painless shopping trip, right on your phone. It not only has a map, but you can also find Meijer stores nearest to you, and view special offers right in the app. As if that was not cool enough, there is also a parking reminder for help navigating those massive Meijer parking lots. I was lucky enough to be on vacation in Grand Haven, Michigan, so I got a chance to test out the app for myself.

Really, the best way to describe this app is it’s like having a personal Meijer associate right there with you for your entire shopping trip. From the moment I parked I used the parking reminder to help find my car after checking out. Once in the store, I typed in the first item on my shopping list (which happened to be Nacho Cheese Doritos), hit the search button, and I was off. Not only did a map come up of the entire store, but then a pin dropped right where I found my beloved chips. Once I finished up finding the rest of the items on my list, I decided to poke around the “Sale” section to see if I could scope out any deals, and voi-la, I had a virtual listing of all the current sale items. I was beginning to wonder what this app couldn’t do”¦

To sum things up, Meijer put a lot of time and effort into this app, and it shows. The experience when using it is refined and smooth, and the learning curve takes nearly no time at all. I recommend this app to any would-be Meijer shopper looking to make their shopping a little easier, and save some money at the same time.

Retail Industry-First: Precisely Locate Items On In-Store Map with Your Smartphone!

August 25, 2010

Have you ever been shopping and wondered ”Where is x?” Who hasn’t?  Now, for the first time, you can see the exact locations of products.