Point Inside is working with the top 100 retailers in the world to transform the in-store shopping experience.

About Point Inside

Point Inside provides digital in-store product location solutions for top retailers to help mobile shoppers search, plan, and complete their in-store shopping trips.

Point Inside's retail cloud combines the physical location of products in-store with enterprise data and mobile shopper usage into a single, scalable platform. The resulting digital representation of the physical store allows retailers to know where all of their products are in each store, all of the time.

This platform is the foundation for Point Inside’s solutions which retailers integrate into branded mobile applications for shoppers and store associates to improve the in-store experience, retail execution, and enterprise understanding of the store.

Founded in 2009 and based in Bellevue, WA, Point Inside is led by a team of executives with decades of experience in retail, software development, wireless telecommunications and location-based services for companies such as Amazon, AT&T, Boeing, Mercent and Qualcomm.