HQ Solutions for Retailers

Digitize your physical store as you’ve done for your website.

Point Inside creates a digital index of everything in your store so you know where all the products are every store - all of the time. Our platform provides analytics on shopper behavior, store merchandising, and more - enabling you to optimize the performance of each store. Point Inside’s Solutions for Retail HQ enables retailers to capture the in-store clickstream. See a single view of each store and increase understanding of store similarity, optimize assortment, and improve store execution.

Merchandising in the Cloud

Evaluate space availability and relationships within product groups and inform better merchandising and space planning decisions using Point Inside’s Planogram tool. Evaluating floor plans is no easy task, especially determining the placement and configuration of POG’s and their racks within a store. Point Inside optimizes product placement locations using store-specific data, increasing store labor efficiency, aligning product sets, increasing sales, and improving customer experience.