Store Operations Solutions

Empower your store associates with digital store information.

Point Inside’s Solutions for Store Operations levels the playing field for store associates by providing digitized store and product information all in one place. Now, associates have all of the information that shoppers walk in with and more, improving efficiency and store performance. Our Solutions for Store Operations speeds up employee onboarding and reduces turnover.

Store associate apps

Enable store associates to spend more time selling and less time stocking. Integrate Point Inside’s platform into your employee app so that employees can easily find product locations in-store for quick stocking, re-stocking, and returns.  Improve customer service as associates can quickly find information for shoppers.

product location management

Each of your stores are dynamic ecosystems constantly in flux. Products are in motion at all times, making it even more important to know where all their products are in all of their stores – all of the time.

Point Inside’s Product Location Management (PLM) enables retailers to view, update, and provide the most accurate location of their planograms (POGs) within their stores. Point Inside’s mobile solution not only replaces manual paper-based systems, but increases product location accuracy. PLM can be integrated into store associate apps, enabling employees to validate a POG set from headquarters, or notify headquarters of changes at the store that need to be updated. 

omnichannel fulfillment

The amount of store tasks are growing by the day due to the rising popularity of omnichannel. Point Inside’s StoreMode for Store Operations enables retailers to support efficient pick, pack, and ship programs for associates and third parties. We provide product and location information to help associates cost-effectively complete the expanding number of orders to be fulfilled.