Point Inside's StoreBoost™ is a search and autocomplete advertising service optimized for mobile shoppers.

While paid search has been around since the mid-1990’s, monetizing search within mobile apps is new for retailers. StoreBoost™ offers a new opportunity for retailers to promote and monetize the fast-growing audience of shoppers using their smartphones in store. StoreBoost™ is integrated into the mobile store search experience, allowing retailers to offer a relevant experience for shoppers, and a targeted engagement opportunity for brands.

The StoreBoost™ service is available via Point Inside’s StoreMode™ platform, and allows retailers to boost a particular product or brand to the top result position in response to a mobile search query. The StoreBoost™ service is also available during autocomplete search, allowing a retailer to pair a boosted suggestion with a related term in the search type-ahead field.

Point Inside’s StoreBoost™ solution is based on a store-specific understanding of products and brands, so brands can target keyword, products, and the locations where they want to engage shoppers on mobile. Store-specificity is critical for context and relevance, and StoreBoost™ includes the ability to promote products at the local, regional, and national store levels. Because StoreBoost™ is seamlessly integrated into the mobile store search experience, it adds, not detracts from the experience for shoppers all while offering brands a highly targeted engagement opportunity.

StoreBoost™ is delivered as a service for integration by the retailer into their branded mobile apps and mobile web. Retailers own the end shopper experience and are able to control if and how those results are presented to shoppers. StoreBoost™ also offers retailers a whole way to monetize their mobile experience. Retailers can also use StoreBoost™ to promote their own private labels.

Shoppers are increasingly using mobile devices for inspiration, discovery, planning and saving during visits to physical retail stores. StoreBoost™ offers brands a way to reach shoppers in the moment of decision, know shopper intent, and Influence specific product choice given that most shoppers use generic terms to search for or add a product to their list. StoreBoost™ allows brands to build awareness, engagement, and conversion for new or existing products.

For more information on how you can reach shoppers in-store through search, download the StoreBoost™ whitepaper.