StoreMode™ Platform for Retailers

Answer the two most popular questions that your shoppers have, “Do you have it?” and “Where can I find it?” with StoreMode™.

Point Inside’s search, recommendation, and mapping services help connected shoppers make an in-store purchase. StoreMode™ extends the engagement with your shoppers - enabling retailers to influence shoppers in every phase of shopping from pre-planning to post-purchase.

Mobile apps with an in-store mode not only increase shopper engagement, but increase store visits and store sales. Using retail apps with StoreMode™, shoppers make 2.5 times more purchases than those who do not. Those who use mobile make 4x more visits to the store and purchase 2.7 additional items.

StoreMode™ Features

indoor mapping

Provide shoppers store layout, available services, product locations and navigation with interactive 3D maps. Learn more.

product location

Show shoppers exactly where to find products in each store that particular day.  Learn more.

store specific search

Offer a custom search experience for each store based on dynamic analyses of available products, regional dialects, and sales activity. Learn more.

in-store analytics

Draw deep customer insights from an anonymously aggregated view of the shopper’s entire path to purchase. Learn more.

shopping lists

Milk, bread, eggs, butter...Support generic terms without sacrificing functionality while gathering value information on purchase intent. Learn more.


Deliver personalized offers, product suggestions, coupons and other content in real-time based on sophisticated data science. Learn more.