Our scalable, robust big data platform provides a foundation for your rapidly evolving in-store mobile strategy.

unified data view

See data from all of your stores - all in one place.

innovative visualizations

View visual insights that help inform your next decisions.

scalable infrastructure

Whether it be 500 stores or 5,000, the Point Inside platform can fit your needs.

easy implementation

Our experience and proven processes get you up and running in no time.

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Point Inside uses cutting-edge technologies including Hadoop, Data visualizations, iBeacon, Map/Reduce, NLP, Hive, iOS and Android, Python, Java, and more.

Our StoreMode platform creates a unified, queryable, data repository of a retailer’s in-store environment by creating a consolidated view of shoppers’ behaviors with merchandising, store operations, marketing, and space planning data sources.

This new unified data view delivers actionable insights resulting in improved execution by aligning headquarters, distribution centers, and stores around a single source of ‘ground truth.’ Innovative visualizations then assist retailers in optimizing their footprints and assortments into what Point Inside calls the ‘better box.’ 

This new level of insight is becoming even more essential as brick-and-mortar retailers start to rollout flexible fulfillment programs to better position themselves against their online rivals.
Point Inside’s Product Placement Manager (PPM) tool helps store planners at headquarters and store operations remain in sync to make sure product is where it should be on the sales floor. 

To enable the PPM functionality for partners, Point Inside creates a spatially indexed map of sales floor and aisle/shelf locations for each individual store in a retail chain. Store associates then use mobile devices integrating the Point Inside PPM tool to access this information and easily update or correct the location of products based on actual physical layout. Product locations are updated in real-time, improving shopper experience.
Point Inside is able to ingest data across different promotional channels - digital coupons, clearance items, promotions, coupons, store circulars, and more to provide a consolidated source for all deals. The platform’s marketing capability includes support for retailers to offer sponsored or boosted results for generic or product-specific search terms as well as the type-ahead suggestions commonly used by mobile shoppers. 

Point Inside is then able to provide retailer partners with reporting to identify the impact of sponsored terms on shopper activity, and then connect with retailer analytics systems to capture any eventual impact on sales conversion.

The Marketing and Deals service is scalable and flexible, providing solutions across a range of promotional use cases to drive store traffic, optimize shopper conversion and overall engagement.  Supported implementations based on the deal platform include deal search, sponsored search, product-based recommendations, location-based recommendations, and retailer-controlled private ad networks..
StoreMode is a cloud-based, mobile, platform that retailers can integrate into their mobile applications to dramatically increase in-store sales. StoreMode includes search, recommendation, and mapping services developed specifically to help shoppers who are using their smartphone in support of an in-store purchase.