Airport Maps

It’s never been easier to offer your travelers high quality, interactive indoor maps of your airport. Choosing Point Inside as your mapping service provider gives you the access to maps that can be added to your website in just minutes. Additionally, powerful tools are available for helping you manage your IoT devices and other ways to help you drive concessions revenue and improve operations.

Passenger Enablement

People almost always get stressed when traveling, and the airport experience is at the root of it. People want the ability to search and easily find the things they are seeking – gates, fastest security line, concessions and services. Point Inside’s airport mapping platform enables you to engage with passengers across multiple channels, digital and traditional. Give them the answers to their questions whenever and wherever they want it.

Concessions & Space Planning

Point Inside brings deep experience in retail, space planning and spatial analytics. Our tools can be used to predict traffic flows, visualize key performance indicators and capture data related to operating concessions efficiently.

Enterprise Solutions

Your mapping platform needs to work across your enterprise, solutions cannot be siloed. Tracking the location of both fixed and mobile assets leads to improved efficiency for your enterprise. Looking to reduce costs and improve task execution by your workforce? Point Inside helps you achieve this and allows you to easily set, see and manage IoT assets across your facility.


Point Inside works in conjunction with Department of Homeland Security to bring new ways to visualize risk, locate and dispatch security assets as needed. Other spatial analytics and visualizations include passenger flow maps to help identify chokepoints and other traffic issues.


Mobile tools, web portals and secure APIs allow for easy data access and management. Point Inside is pre-integrated with major data suppliers for the aviation industry as well as cognitive solutions like IBM Watson and SAP HANA.

Reliable, Scalable & Secure

Point Inside has touched over 100 million devices and handled over 300 billion transactions. We process more location-based transactions each day than the number of travellers through the world’s largest airports in a year. Our cloud is geo-redundant and SOC II compliant so your data will be secure and always accessible.

IoT Networks

While passenger engagement and passenger satisfaction are important, Point Inside recognizes that it’s only part of what is necessary to the success of running your airport. You want information and your IoT sensor networks are a critical component of data collection. Ask Point Inside how we can help you plan, deploy and leverage your IoT network. Our data network can be your data network.