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Build custom audiences using Point Inside's up-to-date and precise location data to reach your shoppers in meaningful ways.

Audience Segments

Point Inside's Audience Segments allow you to target shoppers that visit brick and mortar retail locations and fit your brand’s specific needs. Our audiences outperform the competition due to our data quality and validation methods which ensure exact polygon boundaries and non-overlapping POIs.

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Stop Using Inferior Data

Geofences and satellite images are untrustworthy

Many POI providers provide centroids by reverse-geocoding publicly available addresses which they draw a circle around. These circles extend far beyond the physical boundaries of the building, and as a result, produce flawed data.

Some providers attempt to solve this problem by using satellite imagery to draw the shape of the building. This is sufficient for buildings that have a single store within them. However, it is still insufficient for dense retail environments, such as malls, which have many stores within.

The problem with flawed data

Using unreliable Point of Interest data distorts data models used to create audiences or conduct analysis, causing the audiences or measurement results to be untrustworthy, resulting in wasteful spending.

Most advertising platforms and measurement companies are using the same flawed Point of Interest datasets as one another, which means they’re all missing out on a significant point of differentiation.

High Performance from Accurate Data

Providing precise and accurate shapes for all tenants

Point Inside provides exact polygon boundaries for all tenants within dense retail environments, such as a malls, guaranteeing non-overlapping POIs. This level of accuracy is what makes our data ideal for high performing audience creation.

Reach your shoppers with confidence

Reach your shoppers or your competitors shoppers with a new level of confidence. Point Inside Audience Segments provide a more granular level of insight, creating higher return on your digital ad spend.

Data for Covid-19 Support

Audience Data

Our commitment to the retail industry is unwavering and in the spirit of collaboration Point Inside is helping retailers connect with their shoppers by offering complimentary access to custom mobile audience data during these challenging times.

  • Check Complimentary audience data for your entire brand category
  • Check Complimentary custom built audience data for your brand

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