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Complimentary Audience Data for visitors to your Company

During the COVID-19 Health Crisis we are offering complimentary access to mobile audience data to help companies connect with their customers during these challenging times.

This data will enable you to create targeted advertisements for customers that visited your company or the entire relevant category from November 15, 2019 through March 15, 2020 (i.e. Black Friday, holiday, and post-holiday customers).

Why use Point Inside's Audience Data?

Point Inside creates audiences from geo-spatially accurate indoor maps for dense retail environments (i.e. shopping centers and airports). These audiences are meticulously crafted from actual mall/airport floor plans and deliver far better performance than traditional location-based audiences.


  • Covers over 1,500 shopping centers and airports throught the United States

Use Cases

  • Location-Based Audience Targeting: This data can be used by brands, advertisers, and marketers to reach consumers with precision based on offline shopping behaviors
  • Audience Measurement: This data can be used by brands, advertisers, and marketers to measure the real-world Return on Investment (ROI) of advertising spend

Data Schema

  • Header: Mobile Advertising Identifier
  • Data format: CSV
  • Compression: Gzip

About Point Inside

Founded in 2009, Point Inside is the global leader in building and managing precise indoor maps for dense retail environments like malls, airports, and big box retail. Built for scale, over the last ten years Point Inside has successfully managed and maintained hundreds of millions of points of interest (POIs) within thousands of precisely mapped locations. Its trusted data and insights products are used by retailers and mobile marketing-focused companies to optimize advertising spending.

Optimize your ad spend with the best data available for dense retail environments.