Boost Operational Efficiency
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Associate Task Management Dashboard

Retailers are staffed at minimum levels, every minute of time saved on task execution can be diverted to selling and servicing shoppers. When retailers incorporate “Location Awareness” into their management and execution of in-store tasks it results in dramatic reduction of cost and improvements in sales and service. Point Inside allows retailers to do more with less, for less.

Point Inside has identified the retail industry’s largest inefficiency, the physical store. Not only is the physical store retail’s biggest challenge, it is their largest expense by far. An inefficient, non-optimized store is detrimental to a retailer’s success. Nailing location is the first and necessary step towards store optimization.

Optimizing the Physical Store for  Store Operations


Store Associate App

Retailers need to enhance the in-store experience with their best asset – their people. Not only do in-store associates offer a personal interaction, but they have the potential to be the shopper’s greatest resource. With the right tools, a store associate can answer the two most important questions, “Do you have it? And, where can I find it?” Helping shoppers find what they are looking for and securing a sale.

Integrating Point Inside’s platform into employee apps allows them to easily find products in-store with the use of store maps, shopping lists and efficient routing. Designed to allow employees to gather Pick, Pack and Ship or BOPIS orders. Shoppers can order at home, and pick up on the same day – or even in an hour using Point Inside’s powerful solution.

BOPIS Order Management

Store Audit Tool

With Point Inside’s Store Audit Tool, retailers have the ability to perform more efficient in-store audits and validate physical inventory, product location, store layouts and more. The Audit Tool provides a comprehensive solution by giving associates the ability to scan products, capture & upload photos, update store fixture locations and correct store map layouts. Retailers will save time, money and labor as two people can conduct a full-store product location audit within one work day. Cutting store audit time to mere hours enables retailers to perform audits on a more regular basis, producing highly accurate and near real-time data used to improve store efficiencies and make better, data-driven decisions.

Store Audit Tool

Product Location Management

Point Inside’s Product Location Management (PLM) enables retailers to view, update and provide the most accurate version of their planograms for each store location. Point Inside’s mobile solution not only replaces manual paper-based systems, it increases product location accuracy and  overall transparency & communication across the entire retail organization.

PLM can be integrated into a retailer’s store associate app, enabling employees to validate a POG set from headquarters or notify headquarters of changes at the store that need to be updated.

Product Location Management (PLM)