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Putting Travelers in Control of Their Airport Experience

No matter where they travel, your users expect a consistent in-airport experience. Traveling can be filled with stress, anxiety and frustration. Travelers want to know where to find items they need to purchase, services they require and the best way to get to where they need to be. With Point Inside you create an in-airport experience so travelers can navigate terminals with ease.

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Using Airport Maps in My Travel Apps

Your app helps users discover, book, and augment their travel experience in many ways. Airport maps provide your users with critical content related to the travel experience. Sometimes it’s only a few minutes but often it can be hours spent in the airport. Maps provide the foundation for navigating to where they need to be and finding desired shops, restaurants and services along the way.

Airport Coverage

Point Inside has created indoor maps for over 250 of the world’s top destination airports. Our data includes all shops, restaurants, services and many other points of interest. All data is accessible through our airport-specific search engine. Did you know that 80% of airport map interactions occur within 24 hours of the user being on-site?

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Easy Implementation

Point Inside is the only indoor mapping company to offer both SDKs for native and web integration, as well as hosted maps solution. Using our hosted maps, you can be up and running with Point Inside in a matter of minutes. Our SDKs provide a deeper range of control and improved visualizations that can be tailored to your unique app experience. In addition, our chatbot easily integrates with your Facebook Messenger, plus our SMS solution allows you to reach people directly by phone.