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70 percent of shoppers use a mobile device in-store, therefore, engaging the connected shopper is a huge and often missed opportunity for retailers. To address this, Point Inside offers a variety of tools to retailers for their mobile shoppers such as Store-Specific Search, List Building, In-Store Maps, Wayfinding and Personalized Deals and Recommendations. By engaging mobile shoppers along their entire path to purchase, retailers will increase sales, improve customer loyalty and create an overall better, more personalized experience for their customers. This is important because the physical store is still the retailer’s most important tool with 90 percent of retail occurring in-store, and they are only beginning to capitalize on the optimization opportunities.

Store Maps, Routing & Personalized Offers

Are You Missing the Mark on Mobile?

By 2020 54% of consumers want to compile a shopping list on a store app and receive a floor map to locate products

87% of Millennials and 79% of Generation X use their mobile device to make a click-and-collect purchase

80% of those who have mall or shopping apps choose to receive notifications about sales, promotions & special events while shopping

Search & Shopping Lists

Point Inside’s predictive, auto-complete search provides shoppers with the results they are looking for in five taps or less. Our optimized search prioritizes products that are in-store, not online, and takes into account local store inventory, local vernacular and local item popularity.

Point Inside’s in-app shopping lists uses both generic and branded search terms, enabling shoppers to use common language without having a specific product or brand in mind. Our mobile-optimized lists include an easy way for shoppers to add items and follow the most efficient route throughout the store. Lists also uncover shopper intent, providing opportunities for recommendations and upselling.


Store-Specific Search

Deals & Recommendations

Deals Personalization and Recommendations serve intelligent product and promotional offers using indoor location signals as well as the shoppers’ preferences and engagement history. Point Inside gives retailers the ability to engage with shoppers at home, on the go or in-store, taking into account the shoppers’ preferences, local trends, date, time and physical location; our technology does not collect or access any private shopper information. Personalization engines should not consume a retailer’s mobile strategy budget, with Point Inside’s retailers will see an overwhelming return on investment for a fraction of the cost.

Personalized Offers & Recommendations

Geofencing & Analytics

Point Inside’s geofencing technology combines geospatial data with venue data to create a virtual fence around retail venues. Geofencing is the first means to driving shopper engagement for both online and offline experiences. It enables a retailer to leverage shopper location to better meet their needs. 70% of users of StoreMode™ services in retail apps use it outside of a geofenced area, either at home or on the go. StoreMode™ solutions have proven to be a useful and effective for trip planning, so they need to be available inside as well as outside of the geofenced zone.

StoreMode™ Usage Analytics

Driving Mobile Shopper Engagement