Hospital Maps

Harness the Power of our Platform for your Facilities

Patients, visitors and staff all benefit from a unified mapping solution. Provide a consistent experience and drive cost savings with an indoor mapping platform that supports wayfinding, asset management & tracking, compliance tracking and more.

One Map Across All Channels

Patients and visitors will have a variety of ways they choose to interact with you, only a small percentage will install an app. The Point Inside platform integrates with multiple user interfaces into your data across all major channels. Additionally, Point Inside maps are available in vector format for your printed maps, banners and brochures.

Printed Solutions

Point Inside provides mapping solutions for all your printed needs. Maps for banners, emergency exit signage, visitor guides and patient reminders can be generated on demand.

Digital Twin data enrichment
Digital Twin data enrichment

Interactive Desktop & Mobile

Whether it’s through your patient portal, your website or your mobile app, users can search and find everything they are looking for in your hospital. InsideView™ provides an added dimension to our unique indoor experience.

Enterprise Location Intelligence

Maps with additional location details can be exposed to internal staff supporting a variety of enterprise applications such as asset management, asset tracking, compliance analytics and spatial analytics.

Digital Twin data enrichment
Digital Twin data enrichment

BlueDot Technology

It’s not just about asset location management, but also patient and visitor location. Indoor location, or a “blue dot” is nothing without context, or a digital facility map. The map anchors every asset, patient and visitor location as well as the location of all in-venue activity. Point Inside enables the enterprise to execute highly accurate and effective BlueDot technology.