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Indoor Maps — The First Step to Understanding Your Space

No One Understands Indoor Mapping Like We Do

Point Inside has the most flexible and advanced indoor mapping technology in the world. Your Digital Twin lies on a foundation of accuracy with our 10 years of experience.


Instant access to over 250 of the world's busiest airports.

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Learn more about your store than ever before.

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We work with the top mall owners worldwide.

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Point Inside’s indoor point-to-point wayfinding has been tuned to intuitively navigate floor changes by stairs, escalators, ramps and elevators. We guide users along the fastest, most efficient route.

  • Check Route multiple waypoints at once
  • Check Route from a user's position
  • Check Route from or to entrances and exits
  • Check Route based on disability accessibility


Enable Point Inside’s search service to discover venue specific items, services, places and deals with full location awareness.

Queries are supported with autocomplete, sponsored search, and keyword capabilities with response times in milliseconds.

Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning unleashes the full power of indoor maps. The blue dot easily aligns users to their position and the content contained in your map.

Indoor positioning also enables user notifications and background data collection to help you understand and create audience profiles for research and marketing purposes.

Mobile Libraries

Easily integrate Point Inside's platform capabilities directly into your production apps with Point Inside’s native and web SDKs. Fully tested and regularly updated, our SDKs have been integrated into millions of application installations.

Fusion Wayfinding App

The Fusion App is an iOS and Android app developed by Point Inside to help get your map into the hands of your intended users.

  • Check Easily personalized for your brand
  • Check Available in the App Store & Google Play
  • Check Launch in weeks, not months

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