Point Inside has the most flexible and advanced indoor mapping technology in the world. Your digital twin lies on a foundation of accuracy.  Each map passes through rigorous quality process to ensure proper world alignment. Once completed, your digital twin serves as the foundation for overlaying and indexing more data so you can understand everything going on within your venue.

Indoor Mapping as a Service


Many elements of indoor map design

Indoor Map Design

Several factors weigh into the design of the mapping experience.  Point Inside professionals can help create design guide including specifications for wayfinding data maintenance.   We can help you make decisions about the gradual release of map detail and how to create output files that conform to your needs.

Indoor Map Production

Using any input format available, our map production scales from a single building to thousands of venues each with customized styles.  Your map become your MoT (“Map of Things”).   You can add locations of products, services, places, beacons or any other type of object or data.

Automatically Convert CAD Files


Cloud-based map editor

Indoor Map Maintenance

You have two options:  you do it or we can do it.  Point Inside can provide you with a set of web-based and mobile tools that allow you to edit and maintain your maps. These tools enable editing the data associated with the map.  Of course not everyone wants to self-service which is why our content team is happy to update your indoor maps for you.