Location Enrichment — Adding the “Where” to the “When”

Data occupies our world. The primary challenge to understand and making use of copious amounts of data is creating context. Two constants exist that naturally bring context to data: time (the “when”) and location (the “where”).

Point Inside allows you to look at IoT data through the lense of location.  Sensors can tell us temperature, state (e.g., lights on/off), status (e.g., occupancy), noise, etcetera.  But the sheer mass of data becomes difficult to comprehend unless context is applied.  For instance, noise over time might be interesting.  But noise at a location at a point in time provides even more context.

Are you listening to your venue?

Point Inside delivers a system to capture your IoT data signals and bring them together at a location and display them on an indoor map.  In an airport, this may help you to predict when to dispatch security assets.  In a mall, you could compare shopper traffic flow to sales or even learn how weather impacts indoor behaviors.