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Store-Specific Maps & Data Visualization

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words. At Point Inside we believe a map is worth 1 billion rows of data. Point Inside’s information dense store maps are a way to visualize every piece of data in relation to the physical store, creating context for both the product and shopper location. Our multi-dimensional indoor maps update as your store layout changes, ensuring accurate locations for shoppers and store associates alike and can be easily integrated into the retail mobile experience. Traditional retailers can now see the impact location has on their business, with Point Inside’s location-centric approach we offer the foundation for future in-store digital initiatives.

Leverage Maps to Deliver a Unified Retail Experience


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Enhanced 3D Maps

Maps that tilt, pan and zoom. Our maps come alive with extrusion and shadowing creating an interactive mobile experience

Visual Analytics

Visualize near real-time data and sales performance by store, region and chain as it relates to product location overlaid on top of a map.

Developer Control

Point Inside builds best practices into our maps so a retailer’s style guide and branding can come alive in the maps, giving the retailer full customization control.

Point Inside has created over 200,000 digital maps of malls, retail stores, airports and other venues with over 391 billion product locations.