Point Inside has experience creating and maintaining maps across a variety of other industries.

The Bellevue Collection, Bellevue WA


Embed digital mall directories and indoor maps into your apps to help shoppers find what they’re looking for in over 1,000 of the most popular malls in the United States.

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Hotel Room Availability

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels of all sizes benefit from indoor maps.  Maps provide guests with new ways to explore the property and find what they’re seeking.

AAAE San Diego


Conventions and other events can offer maps to all their attendees easily with Point Inside indoor maps.  Attendees benefit by finding exhibitors, meeting rooms and common area services, like Starbucks and restrooms.  Exhibitors can add logos and keywords for improved discoverability.

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Seattle Center, Seattle WA


New visitors and tourists flock to popular parks.  These same locations are often venues for concerts and festivals with pop-up vendors and other services.  Venue specific search is the perfect mechanism to help people find what they’re seeking.