Point Inside Partners

At Point Inside we are continually innovating and keeping our partners at the top of their game. We are a strategic partner offering a full service approach to maximize the business value of indoor maps across a variety of industries. We collaborate with customers and a variety of third parties to bring forth digital transformation.

Digital Agencies

Our specialty is making beautiful, functional, interactive maps which can compliment your digital properties.  We don’t build apps and other digital properties, but we can recommend agencies with experience implementing our platform.

Indoor Positioning

Point Inside’s Location Manager enables you to choose the right indoor positioning provider for your venue.  Our Location Manager has been pre-integrated with several partners to return a precise indoor location, including level.

Survey & Audit Partners

If we only had a nickel for every time we’ve heard “but my I don’t have that information”.  Point Inside has partnered with companies that specialize in sending resources into venues to conduct site surveys and other types of data collection.

Point Inside Partners