Point Inside Shopping & Travel App

Easily plan and enjoy your trips in malls, airports, museums and theme parks with Point Inside’s highly intuitive and fun interactive maps. The app features complete directories and interactive indoor maps of over 1,250 malls across North America, over 100 airports worldwide and dozens of other attractions including theme parks and museums.

App features include:

  • Listings of thousands of retailers and airports searchable by name or product within a venue
  • Interactive maps that show store or location information
  • Ability to create an itinerary for your trip using shopping lists
  • Complete listing of services including restrooms, ATMs, parking, elevators, escalators, food and more
  • Store and shop directory information
  • Navigate from store to store in the mall or to your gate in the airport


I have a question or a problem to report. Who do I contact?
If you have feedback about the app or the maps in the app, you can send a message to us. In the Point Inside app, click on “Feedback” in the menu to send an email to our team. Point Inside is not affiliated with any mall, store, airport, or other venue. For feedback about a specific mall, store, airport, or other venue, please contact the venue directly.

How do I change venues or locations?
From the menu, choose “Venue Locator.” Here you can search for venues by city name, venue name, zip code, or airport code. Zoom in on the map to find and select your venue.

My map or route isn’t working.
Make sure that you have location enabled. To do this, go into settings on your device.

How do I find the operating hours, location, and phone number of a shop or restaurant?
On the Venue Locator screen, tap the shop or restaurant pin. From there you can view the floor, phone number, hours, website, and other information. You can even click on the phone number to call the shop or restaurant directly!

How do I route my itinerary or shopping list?
After you’ve added all of the shop or restaurant you’d like to go to to your list, select “Itinerary” or “Shopping List” from the menu. Then click on “Map” in the top right corner. We’ll show you the best way to get to each place!

My favorite venue isn’t found by the app. How do I request it?
Let us know! In the Point Inside app, click on “Feedback” in the menu to send an email to our team.

How do I find nearby deals?
Select “Find Deals” from the main menu. From there you can search for specific deals, or just select from the deals on your screen. Once you’ve selected the deal you’re interested in you can add the deal to your Shopping List, or locate the shop offering the deal on the map.