Point Inside Data Cloud

Point Inside offers its customers a cloud-based data management platform that ingests a wide range of data.  The data is used to enable common use cases for indoor map users.  Consumer features include viewing the map, searching and wayfinding.  Enterprise features include IoT device location management, space auditing and more.  All features create new signals for spatial analytics.  Mapping is not only “What we do”, it is “How we organize data”.

Venue Specific Search

Point Inside’s search service treats ‘Every venue as a snowflake’ by building venue specificity into the core supporting queries for items, services, places, deals.  All queries are supported with autocomplete and sponsored search capabilities.


Point to point navigation guides users along the fastest, most efficient route.  Routes are configurable to support BOPIS rules and accessibility needs.  The scalable service easily supports dozens of waypoints.

Personalized Recommendations

Because ‘Every guest is unique’ the Point Inside Recommender provides venue specific basket completers and deal recommendations.  Session & user history personalization supports blended context: Shopper location + Search history+ Shopping list + Items viewed.  As a developer, you are in control of the variables affecting the personalized experience.

Spatial Analytics

Analytics are enriched by adding time and location as parameters for all collected data points.  Point Inside’s beautiful visualizations help provide insights never before available at the individual venue level.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a retailer, an airport, a malls or a hospital.