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News Coverage

11/28/17 Point Inside Raises $3.5 M to Produce ‘Spatial Intelligence’ data for Retailers, Airports, Others

11/2017 Best Black Friday Apps for Android and iPhone of 2017: Get Alerts, Compare, Navigate and Shop!

4/21/17 Bellevue-based Point Inside looks for international expansion

4/2017 Retail’s High-Tech Renaissance

3/22/17 #Shoptalk17: Instagram Rolls Out Shopping Feature

3/20/17 Point Inside Rolls Out New Product

3/20/17 Point Inside Announces New Digital Marketing Tool for Retailers

3/20/17 Point Inside Launches Personalization Service for In-Store Mobile Marketing #Shoptalk

3/20/17 Point Inside Announces Personalization Tool for In-Store Marketing

3/20/17 Point Inside Launches Deals Personalization

3/10/17 Improving In-Store Shopping Experiences At Big-Box Retailers

2/6/17 Local Apps Worth A Few Bytes

1/24/17 Coffee Break with Game-Changers presented by SAP

1/10/17 Retail TouchPoint’s 2017 Technology Preview

1/6/17 How Retailers Can Keep Up with Amazon Go

12/30/16 How Retailers Can Engage Generation Z Shoppers

12/27/16 How Wearables Are Changing Perceptions About Location Privacy

12/26/16 Never Got Lost in the Mall Again with Point Inside

11/24/16 Apps That Will Make Black Friday Way Easier

2/29/16 5 Steps to Building a Digital Store Consumers Will Flock To

2/23/16 Get Omnichannel Fulfillment Right to Keep Pace with Consumer Demand

12/22/15 Five Trends Ready to Disrupt In-Store Retail in 2016

12/18/15 Expert: Mobile to Change Retail

12/17/15 Why Beacons’ Bright Light Dimmed in 2015 – and what’s next

12/11/15 In-Store Retail Innovation 2016: Five Industry Predictions

11/18/15 Retailers Can Now Sell Paid Search in Their Apps with Point Inside StoreBoost

11/18/15 Point Inside Ad Unit ‘Boost’ Brands’ Products to the Top of Retail Sites

7/30/15 6 Ways Wearables Will Enhance the Shopping Experience

7/27/15 Point Inside Expands Advisory Board

7/9/15 Connected Retail in the Real World: Market Snapshot of a New Era

7/8/15 Shopper Behavior Begins In-Store – But Brick-and-Mortars Need Tech to Harness It

7/7/15 Retail Industry SOS: Can Bluetooth beacons save the day?

6/9/15 Improving Customer Experiences and Business Processes with IoT

6/8/15 5 Ways Mobile Is Improving the In-Store Shopping Experience

4/3/15 Expert: How Apple Watch May Change Retail for Shoppers

4/2/15 What Shopping Could Look Like on the Apple Watch

4/1/15 How Smartwatches Like Apple Watch Could Affect Consumer Shopping

3/6/15 Wait! Before You Build That App, Consider This…

2/24/15 25% of Target Holiday Shoppers Used In-App Product Location Maps

1/7/15 How Are Brick-and-Mortar Stores Using Our Mobile Devices?

12/22/14 Holiday Shopping Ride-Along: How Mobile Improves Large Format Retail

12/1/14 Tying Brick-and-Mortar to Digital

11/25/14 Geofencing, Mapping & Inventory Search: Welcome to Target’s StoreMode

11/24/14 5 Ways Retailers Are Watching You

11/24/14 Target’s App is a Black Friday Map

11/20/14 Tips on Getting Deals During Black Friday Blitz

11/18/14 Target Streamlines In-Store Holiday Shopping With App Navigation Features

11/17/14 Target’s Mobile App Gets Indoor Mapping, Interactive Black Friday Maps

11/17/14 Attention, Shoppers: Now You Can Target Anything Inside a Target Store

11/17/14 Target’s New App Steers You to the Right Aisle for Black Friday

11/17/14 Target Adds In-Store Spin to iPhone App by Adding Interactive Maps of all 1,800 U.S. Stores

11/17/14 Target’s Mobile App Adds Interactive In-Store Maps in Time for Black Friday Specials

11/17/14 Target App Now Features In-Store Product Search and Inventory Maps

11/17/14 Target’s App Maps Everything in the Store, Thanks to Bellevue Company

11/17/14 Target Adds In-Store Features to Shopping App

11/17/14 Target Works With Point Inside to Improve Mobile App’s In-Store Navigation Features

11/11/14 Putting Mobile at the Center of the Omnichannel Journey

10/4/14 GeekWire Radio: Windows 10, Drones and the Future of Shopping

10/3/14 What Does the Future Hold for Mobile and the Retail Shopping Experience?

9/18/14 Point Inside Reports Sales Surge and Recruits New Users to Mobile Shopper Engagement Platform

9/17/14 Search Data in Mobile Apps Shows Unmet Demand

9/17/14 Point Inside: “Our Platform is Used by More Than 100M Devices

9/17/14 Bellevue Startup Reports Massive Gains since 2010

8/27/14 6 Ways to Use Location Analytics Data in Retail Design

7/15/14 Retail Apps with StoreMode Drive up to 5x More Interactions

6/18/14 Big Box Stores Get Online Shopping Power-Up

6/9/14 iOS 8 Thwarts Key Form of Smartphone Tracking, in Potential Boost for iBeacons

5/14/14 Retail’s Next Big Bet: iBeacon and the Promise of Geolocation Technologies

5/7/14 Mapping Retail: Geo-Location, iBeacon & the Promise of Mobile Shopping

5/4/14 In Battle With Amazon, Traditional Retailers Innovate, Turn to Iterate

4/21/14 8 Tools to Send Messages to Shoppers Based on In-Store Movements

3/3/14 How to Decide if Your Business Should Use Indoor Location Technology

12/10/13 Lowe’s Hammers Home In-Store Engagement Through Mobile

12/6/13 Apple Starts Tracking Customers Inside Its Stores to Send Mobile Alerts Based on Where They’re Standing

11/27/13 Lost in Lowe’s? Retailer Rolls Out New StoreMode Mobile Map to Pinpoint Products

11/27/13 Lowe’s Unveils App for Finding Products in Home-Improvement Centers

11/27/13 App Helps Lowe’s Shoppers Find Products Without Asking

11/12/13 Stores Sniff Out Smartphones to Follow Shoppers

9/20/13 5 Tools Retailers Can Use to Create Indoor Maps

9/3/13 Check-in on Retailer Apps and Shopper Engagement

8/2/13 Indoor Location Holds Promise for Marketers’ Use of Customer Analytics

7/31/13 5 Ways to Track In-Store Customer Behavior

7/26/13 Retail Stores Plan Elaborate Ways to Track You

7/16/13 6 ‘Microfencing’ Tools for Retailers

6/24/13 6 Strategies for Reaching Customers at the ‘Zero Moment of Purchase’

3/29/13 Apple + WiFiSLAM = Game on for Indoor Location

2/12/13 StoreMode Significantly Increases Retail App Engagement Levels: Report

11/26/12 Indoor Map Tech Poses Challenges, Opportunities

11/26/12 11 Mobile Startups that will Change Marketing

10/2/12 2012 PSBJ 40 Under 40 Winners Announced

9/18/12 Joshua Marti: 2012 40 Under 40 Honoree

6/15/12 Take it Inside! Indoors is Next Mobile Mapping Battleground

6/3/12 Bringing GPS Indoors

5/8/12 Can Texting Save Stores?

4/12/12 Take me to your Peanut Butter: New Private In-Store Ad Network Blends Micro-Location Smarts and Semantic Matching for Better Shopping

4/10/12 Point Inside Helps Retailers Push Deals on Aisle 3

3/13/12 Special Edition of Click from SXSW Festival

1/19/12 Never Get Lost in the Mall, Airport or Theme Park with Point Inside Shopping & Travel, plus get all the Latest Deals

1/4/12 Android Market’s “Featured Apps” Seeing Explosive Download Numbers

12/29/11 Silicon Valley is Powering a Change in the Way we Shop

12/8/11 Point Inside Faces a Big Competitor as Google Starts Mapping Indoors

11/30/11 Shoppers, Please Don’t Fight at the Mall. Play Mallopoly Instead

11/21/11 Mall Owner GGP: The Higher the Offer, the More Successful the Campaign

11/2011 Bright Idea: Point Inside Helps You Navigate the Great Indoors

10/19/11 Mobile App Helps Shoppers Steer Their Grocery Carts

9/23/11 Why Retailers Should Engage Customers Throughout Their Entire Shopping Experience

8/18/11 Point Inside’s GPS for Shoppers Grows Revenue, Looks for More Investment

8/17/11 Point Inside Pinpoints New Cash, Helps Shoppers Navigate Malls and Grocery Stores

6/10/11 Report: Location-Based Services Market to Hit $10 Billion by 2016

4/27/11 How to Customize Your iPad for Travel

4/25/11 Meijer App Steers Customers to Exact Product Locations of Products In-Store

1/5/11 Mobile and Wireless Trends for 2011

12/27/10 Bargain on Aisle 7

12/25/10 Someday, Store Coupons May Tap You on the Shoulder

12/12/10 More Consumers Let Their Smartphones do the Shopping

12/5/10 Point Inside is Another Worthwhile Holiday Shopping and Travel Tool

11/30/10 6 Shopping Apps for Android and iPhone That Will Instantly Turn You Into a Shopping Ninja

10/29/10 Point Inside joy as Continental Arrives as First Airline Partner

8/25/10 Location is the New Shopping Assistant

8/23/10 Pinpoint Your Location with Point Inside

5/28/10 Point Inside: Indoor Map Application for the iPhone and Android

5/27/10 Point Inside Brings Detailed Airport Maps to iPhone and iPad

5/23/10 Point Inside – A Handy Application for Finding Your Way Around a Shopping Mall

2/1/10 GPS Inside the Mall: Location-Based Services Will Guide You to Deals

12/15/09 Point Inside Puts Your Shopping Mall’s Directory in Your Pocket

Press Releases

03/28/19 Beyond the Directory: Point Inside brings Insight into Mall and Airport Mapping with new “Retail Space Explorer” Tool

11/28/18 Point Inside Raises $3.5 M to Help Companies Contextualize their Data with Indoor Spatial Intelligence

12/21/17 Point Inside Announces Upgrades to 171 Airport Maps

12/5/17 Point Inside Announces Retail Chatbot to Help Shoppers Find Products In-Store

5/15/17 Point Inside Announces Its Participation at SAPPHIRE NOW to Showcase Retail’s In-Store Spatial Analytics Service

3/20/17 Point Inside Launches the Retail Industry’s First Personalization Service for In-Store Mobile Marketing

9/1/16 Point Inside Builds Team With Talent from Oracle, Retail Giants and Others to Lead Next Phase of Growth as Mobile’s Influence on In-Store Purchases Increases

4/4/16 Point Inside Launches New Indoor Location Solution That Unlocks Beacons for Retailers

2/26/16 Point Inside Wins 2016 GSMA Glomo Award

11/17/15 Point Inside Announces StoreBoost™, a Cloud Service Enabling Retailers to Monetize Search and Autocomplete Capabilities by Influencing a Brand’s Search Result Position

7/30/15 UPDATE – Point Inside Announces Expanded Strategic and Retail Advisory Boards with Current and Former Executives from Target, Nordstrom, DemandTec and Oracle

11/17/14 Point Inside Powers New Mobile In-Store Features for Target

9/17/14 Point Inside Grows Revenue 1690%, Adds Tens of Millions of Users to Its Mobile Shopper Engagement Platform

11/27/13 Lowe’s Introduces “Product Locator” Mobile Technology to Make Shopping Easier

4/9/13 Point Inside Sponsors Global Retailing Conference

3/27/13 Point Inside CEO Presents at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association Annual Conference

2/12/13 New Point Inside Mobile Shopper Data Shows Indoor Location Technologies Drive 5x More Shopper Engagement

10/24/12 Point Inside Named Finalist for the Startup Spotlight Gap Shopper Marketing Challenge at ad:tech

6/12/12 Corey Mandell Joins Point Inside as CTO

4/11/12 Point Inside Launches First Hyper-Targeted, Mobile Private Ad Network that Merges Multiple Indoor Location-based Technologies with Shopper Data

3/9/12 Point Inside’s Founder/CEO Speaks on Retailer and Consumer Benefits of Indoor Location-Based Technologies at South by Southwest