Point Inside’s retail digital strategy leads to

  • Increased in-store sales
  • Connected customers to the physical stores
  • New,¬†incremental advertising revenue stream
  • Optimized in-building technology plans and execution
  • Actionable, new insights into shoppers’ behaviors
Boost Operational Efficiency

Boost Operational Efficiency

Increase store operations efficiency & lower expenses with retail mapping technology, accurate product location, indoor positioning and indoor navigation.

Drive Engagement Icon

Drive Shopper Engagement

Delight shoppers while increasing sales & mobile app interaction through search, digital floor plans, personalized deals & recommendations.

Location Mapping Icon

Leverage Intelligent Mapping

Spatially accurate retail mapping & product location power immersive digital experiences while uncovering insights to optimize brick-and-mortar success.

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Unleash the Power of Location

Use trusted signals & analytics from indoor positioning data to curate an improved in-store experience while optimizing retail execution.

Digitally Thrive with Location Intelligence

Point Inside transitions retailers to our location-centric, digital strategy that optimizes the brick-and-mortar retail execution life cycle, enhances both shopper and store associate experience and empowers retail employees with synchronized data and insights.


Are you Leveraging Location Data?

Learn how retailers can leverage Location to improve the in-store shopping experience and optimize store operations with digital floor plans. Location comes in many forms:  product location, offer location, shopper location, associate location, and is the key to capturing and understanding in-store insights.  Download the Practical Guide today.


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