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Retail Space Explorer

Point Inside provides unique and hard-to-access information helping you to make data-driven decisions. Pinpoint your brand’s needs and find locations that meet them.

Site Selection

Start using real world data to give your real estate team the edge they need. Our Retail Space Explorer tool has the answers to all of your location based questions.

Having Trouble Choosing New Venues?

We know venue selection can be a daunting task so we’ve gone ahead and compiled data on the most popular retail centers for you. Need to know the most popular shopping centers in the nation, how about the most popular center in each state? We’ve got you covered.

  • Check Rank your prospective venues by popularity
  • Check Search for shopping centers by geographical region
  • Check Search for centers with or without your competitors

Do You Understand Shopper Behavior by Location?

So you have a venue in mind, but do you know what makes for a great location? We can help you understand your space and how it contributes to your store's performance. Our solutions provide context to the success of your stores.

  • Check Pinpoint the high trafficked areas of shopping centers
  • Check Identify shopper behavior trends by days of the week or times of day

Over 200,000,000,000

Location Records Processed by Point Inside Last Month

Do You Know The Spatial Personality of Your Brand?

We can help you understand important characteristics across all of your stores. Know the average square footage of your stores and the typical category mix of your cotenants to understand how your store performance is affected. Layer store performance data such as sales or visitor counts onto our maps to truly understand the spatial personality of your brand.

  • Check Identify your optimal cotenants
  • Check Evaluate your proximity to influencers such as parking and entrances

Compare Vacancies and Confirm Landlord Claims

Retail Space Explorer makes it easy to compare spaces against your current store locations or vacancies. We can provide you the data needed to negotiate the optimal lease, affirm or negate landlord claims and identify contracts in default.

  • Check Compare spaces using side by side view
  • Check Evaluate occupancy rates, footfall density, and anchor store changes

Learn more about Retail Space Explorer and get business insights from our data to select the right location for your store.

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