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Data Driven Decision Making

Point Inside’s Retail Space Explorer surfaces new and hard-to-access information, helping you to make data-driven decisions. Find out which venue features are affecting your store’s performance, which competitors are nearby and how far they are from your current or potential location, and your proximity to key foot traffic influencers.


Stop using instinct and start using real world data to find the next great location. Start using real world data. Our Retail Space Explorer tool has the answer to all of your questions.

Leasing Agents

Optimize your portfolio, increase the value of your leasing opportunities with real world data and create smarter marketing campaigns with Retail Space Explorer.

Explore Retail Spaces

Retail space explorer gives you access to over 1,200 malls, retail centers and airports. Do searches or make advanced queries, and drill down into the comparitive details of venues and retailers. Our query builder tool allows you to interrogate the database across many dimensions, such as:

  • Check Presence or absence of retailers
  • Check Physical attributes
  • Check Proximity to traffic influencers such as entrances or restrooms
  • Check Proximity to other retailers
  • Check Visitor traffic
... and more!

Footfall & Heatmaps

Find the most advantageous locations in a mall or airport with Retail Space Explorer's foot traffic heatmap view. We integrate premium data streams from mobile users to give you a complete picture of foot traffic within a venue.

Over 200,000,000,000

User Location Records Processed by Point Inside Last Month

Customized For You

Tell us your retail brands and your competitors. We track all the retailers you're interested in and surface their data to you on every screen. You'll know at a glance your relationship with every venue.

Learn more about Retail Space Explorer and get business insights from our data to select the right location for your store.

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