Location, Location and Location…

Choosing the right location for your store can be a daunting task. More and more access to data helps you answer important questions for selecting the right location for your store.  Point Inside’s Retail Space Explorer surfaces new and hard to access information, helping you make data-driven decisions. You now have easy access to answers of questions like: what is it inside the mall that is affecting your best or worst performing stores; which competitors are in your venue; how far are they from your current or potential location; how far is the store from key foot traffic influencers like entrances, parking, elevators and more…






Explore Venues

With constantly updated catalog of indoor maps for over 1200 malls, retail centers and airports, Retail Space Explorer provides the best ever platform to explore all the venues at one place! It can help you answer challenging questions such as- how many centers have a Sephora within 20 seconds walking distance from a MAC Cosmetics, but have no Ulta Beauty.

Footfall & Heatmaps

Retail Space Explorer assesses the relative popularity of a venue based on the foot traffic data we collect from mass mobile data.  Heatmaps showing indoor footfall have been created based on billions of mass mobile location records.  We select only the highest accuracy data and use proprietary algorithms to help you understand how the places around you might be affecting your store traffic.

Did you know that…

23 shopping centers have a MAC Cosmetics within 20 seconds walking distance from a Sephora.
But only 3 centers have a Sephora within 20 seconds walking distance from a Nordstrom.
Only 1 shopping center has more than 65 restaurants representing nearly 18% of their total retail space.

Explore Retailers

Point Inside’s Retail Space Explorer gives you a platform to research a retailer’s presence across all of their locations. You can drill down into a specific location to get more information about the retailer inside the venue such as their square footage, area rank inside the venue, nearby tenants, proximity to key foot traffic influencers like elevators, restrooms, parking inside the venue and many more.




Custom Views

With Retail Space Explorer, you can create different lists to compare your own brand stores with your competitors’ store – and observe how you stack up against your competition in terms of distribution across different locations, average square footage, number of stores and other criteria when you explore venues.

Learn more about Retail Space Explorer and get business insights from our data to select the right location for your store.


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