Point Inside’s StoreMode™ platform gives retailers access to all solutions and benefits with only one investment! StoreMode™ enables retailers to create an immersive physical store experience for the connected, mobile shopper inspired by e-commerce. These enhanced engagements and experiences are proven to drive more trips, grow basket sizes, reduce operational expense and increase profitability per visit, while positioning the retailer for omnichannel success.

Point Inside’s digital strategy leads to

  • Increased in-store sales
  • Connected customers to the physical stores
  • New, incremental advertising revenue stream
  • Optimized in-building technology plans and execution
  • Actionable, new insights into shoppers’ behaviors

Digital Services for the Shopper

StoreMode™ enables retailers to customize product and deal search, product location, store mapping and in-store offers to each store, taking into account product popularity, seasonality, and more, all within their native mobile application and in the hands of their shoppers. Point Inside customers achieved 90x ROI when using StoreMode™ solutions for the shopper.

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Digital Services for Store Operations

StoreMode™ can integrate into retailers’ store associates apps and influence operational tasks such as store auditing, printing in-store locations on shipping labels as well as gathering Pick, Pack and Ship or BOPIS orders. Through StoreMode™, store operations achieves 18x ROI and improved efficiency, resulting in cost savings and better overall customer service while freeing up an associate’s time to better serve the in-store shoppers.

Services & Analytics for the Retailer

Point Inside’s StoreMode™ delivers unprecedented insights into shopper behavior, store performance and merchandising strategy, allowing retailers to optimize forecasting and execution while achieving 90x ROI. With real-time data streams, Point Inside offers system-wide visibility that retailers need to operate efficiently in the digital age.