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BlueDot Technology

It’s not just about product location management. With indoor positioning technologies you can bring in the added context of shopper location. Shopper location, or a “blue dot” is nothing without the context provided by a digital store map. The map anchors every product, deal and shopper location as well as the location of all in-store activity. Point Inside enables a retailer to execute highly accurate and effective indoor positioning technology within the store.

What’s the best Indoor Positioning solution?

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Location Analytics

Point Inside’s sophisticated Location Analytics platform provides retailers with easily accessible insights into the shoppers’ in-store app usage and enables location-aware insights into departments, service areas, product and brand locations and more. These insights are invaluable and allow retailers to make:

  • Single shopper route and journey
  • Location attribution featuring impressions and dwell times
  • In-store shopper location aggregated and displayed on a map


Deploying Beacons?

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Point Inside is location first, always. Location is the way in which we view the world and the way retailers need to view their business and, most importantly, their stores. Every store location is a dynamic ecosystem constantly in flux. Products are in motion at all times, making it even more important to know where all products are in all stores – all of the time. Point Inside has mastered the indoor location management of products, shoppers, store associates, store fixtures and more because we understand the success of a retailer’s business all comes back to location.

Location's Impact on the Retail Life Cycle

Point Inside brings deep digital in-store expertise to help retailers capture and catalog the physical location where retail execution and the shopper’s journey converge for the first time. Retailers will leverage this new, location-centric data to remove friction, synchronize retail execution and improve the shopper’s experience for winning results.