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Monitor the occupancy rates where your retail stores are located

A lack of occupancy data makes it difficult for retailers to pursue co-tenancy remedies

If you are not yet tracking co-tenancy breaches. You are likely missing out on significant remedies (such as lease renegotiation opportunities, penalty-free lease termination, etc...) that may be available to you. In some cases these remedies add up to millions of dollars.

If you have an “in-house” process for tracking co-tenancy breaches. Your current process of manually collecting, aggregating, and analyzing occupancy data is likely laborious and expensive. Significant human capital is required to have field personnel manually collect data and to have analysts compile checklists and review findings for potential breaches.

How it Works

Here are a few of the attributes that we track for nearly 1,500 of the largest malls nationwide:

  • Check Point Inside incorporates occupancy data that we receive directly from retailers, we also deploy on-site personnel and multiple call centers to track occupancy percentages of each of the malls in our network
  • Check Our dataset includes details such as Gross Leasable Area (GLA), the percentage of GLA that is occupied, and the percentage of GLA that is operational
  • Check Square footage of every leasable unit within the venue and its occupancy status
  • Check Name of each tenant, and which leasable unit they occupy
  • Check Whether each tenant is currently operating (or closed due to COVID-19)
  • Check Our data is updated at a minimum every 90 days and is provided on a recurring basis so that you know which properties may be in breach of your co-tenancy clauses
  • Check Our dataset is the direct result of many conversations with internationally renowned retailers that are tracking co-tenancy and occupancy rates

The Data

Venue Attributes
Tenant Attributes
xxxxxDave & Buster'sTRUEExperiences > Entertainment50,0925.50%TRUE7/14/2020FALSE
xxxxxBed Bath & BeyondTRUERetail > House and Home49,6965.46%TRUE7/14/2020TRUE
xxxxxNordstrom RackTRUERetail > Department Store44,7284.92%TRUE7/14/2020FALSE
xxxxxH&MFALSERetail > Apparel26,1422.87%TRUE7/14/2020TRUE
xxxxxVacant SpaceFALSEVacancies25,0852.76%FALSE7/14/2020FALSE
xxxxxOld Navy OutletFALSERetail > Outlet Store24,9702.74%TRUE7/14/2020TRUE
xxxxxULTA BeautyFALSERetail > Beauty Supplies21,4872.36%TRUE7/14/2020TRUE
xxxxxNikeFALSERetail > Apparel > Sports13,7511.51%TRUE7/14/2020TRUE
xxxxxGap FactoryFALSERetail > Apparel12,6011.38%TRUE7/14/2020FALSE
xxxxxAmerican EagleFALSERetail > Apparel10,5351.16%TRUE7/14/2020TRUE

* The tables above include a small portion of the available fields.

Our Product Vision

This dataset is the result of many conversations with retailers. It solves the core needs identified by the retailers that helped to shape the product, our vision is to evolve the dataset into a fully-fledged Occupancy Platform that further streamlines the occupancy and co-tenancy monitoring process.

Early customers of our occupancy dataset are helping to define the requirements and features of the Occupancy Platform. Several core features will include:

  • Check The ability to include co-tenancy logic to help identify potential co-tenancy breaches prior to their occurrence
  • Check The ability to receive automated alerts (i.e. if occupancy rates cross pre-defined thresholds at specific venues or if certain named tenants vacate specific venues)
  • Check The ability to utilize and track historical occupancy (i.e. lookback feature)
  • Check The ability to incorporate “breaking news” of planned store closures

10+ years in indoor mapping experience

  • Check We’ve been successfully gathering, validating, and maintaining maps of indoor/outdoor malls for over ten years
  • Check We have direct data relationships with commercial entities that help us ensure high data accuracy
  • Check We have multiple human verification processes including on-site surveys and call center validation strategies to ensure data precision
  • Check Our professional full-time mapping staff is best-in-class and collectively share several decades of experience in mapping malls and tracking occupancy

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