Engage your shoppers in-store using beacons with StoreLocation™ from Point Inside

The Future of Retail. Today.

Help mobile shoppers search, plan, and complete their in-store shopping trips with Point Inside’s digital in-store product location solutions.


Help shoppers plan their shopping trips with digital shopping lists, store maps, and local store search.


Make discovery fun for shoppers with interactive store maps, local store search, and beacon messaging.


Inspire shoppers to explore new products easy with relevant recommendations and nearby deals.


Analyze shopper behavior and store performance with robust dashboards.


Improve store operations, including pick, pack, and ship and stocking/ re-stocking using accurate maps and routing. 

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Retail Partner App Reviews

I opened the app and searched safety pins and apparently the app knew I was in a store and it told me which aisle to go to! Amazing! It’s such a simple feature, but it’s amazing! I already loved shopping Target, but it just got so much easier! Target_app_icon

Genius!! I can make a list and look up where the products are even before I get to the store. Love having this in my toolbox! lowes_app_icon

This app does so may things I never realized it could do…You can also make a list and based on your location in the store it will tell you what products on your list are closest to you via the route function.

I can add items I need to the list, and then when I get to the store, find everything on the map. Such a timesaver and reduces frustration so I don’t have to try to find a worker to tell me where things are or do laps around the store.