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Trusted Point Of Interest

The most trusted source for data and insights. Engineered for accuracy. Mapped for precision.

Point Inside is the global leader in building and managing geo-spatially accurate indoor maps. We’ve gathered, managed and maintained hundreds of millions of Point of Interest (POI) within thousands of precisely mapped commercial locations.Point Inside provides trusted POI data, audience segments, business insights and custom mapping solutions.

Our Trusted POI data in combination with GPS signals enable powerful advertisement targeting, valuable attribution measurement, improved site selection and stronger lease negotiation.

Trusted POI: Welcome

Point Inside and POI

We’ve been successfully gathering, validating and maintaining POIs for dense retail places for over ten years. We are obsessed with data quality. Our passion for accurately representing the current reality on the ground requires that our data must be:

  •  Trusted and Up to Date

  •  Correct

  •  Precise


Trusted and Up to Date

Our direct relationships with venue owners and retailers gives us unparalleled access to changing POI data in near-real-time. As soon as the change hits the location owner’s system, our data set is updated. In some cases we know the change is coming even before it happens.

  • Manual Updates

  • Check Automated Updates



We’ve been using machine learning to highlight potential map data discrepancies since before it was called machine learning. These highly-evolved automated processes, combined with human verification and ongoing “boots-on-the-ground” validation ensures our data accuracy is second to none.

  • High quality assurance and validation processes

  • Proven software algorithms and machine learning

  • Beacon network



Point Inside’s hyper-accurate maps are built to support “product-on-the-shelf” precision. Generating exact polygon boundaries ensures non-overlapping POIs.

  •  Individual polygons for each and every POI

  •  Ability to accurately map down to product location level

Trusted POI: Projects
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