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Point Inside + MapsPeople :-)

It didn’t start with an answer, Point Inside began with a series of observations. Location technology was moving indoors. e-commerce was growing up. Data platforms were helping companies shape themselves. Point Inside was founded on the principle that these worlds would collide and a new model would be required to capture, organize and make sense of it all. Due to the massive disruption from e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retail was a logical place to start. Since 2009, Point Inside has become the world's leading indoor mapping and location-based services platform.

After more than a decade of serving customers in retail, malls, airports, and advertising, Point Inside found a home within the MapsPeople team. MapsPeople launched their SaaS mapping platform in 2009. Today, the Danish tech company specializes in indoor mapping and location services. Based in Aalborg, Denmark, with offices in Austin Texas, and the Bay Area, they offer a wide range of mapping and wayfinding solutions for large venues.

The acquisition of Point Inside Inc. by MapsPeople is special because it combines two leading companies in the indoor mapping and location services industry. Point Inside brings its expertise in trusted POI data, navigation, and location-based analytics, while MapsPeople provides advanced mapping and wayfinding solutions for large venues such as airports, corporate campuses, stadiums, and hospitals. Together, MapsPeople is well-positioned to offer an unparalleled indoor mapping and location-based services platform that can benefit businesses, consumers, and advertisers alike. With their combined expertise and resources, MapsPeople will continue to innovate and improve indoor mapping and location services, enabling better navigation and more personalized experiences for users.

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