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Who We Are

It didn’t start with an answer, Point Inside started with a series of observations. Location technology was moving indoors. e-commerce was growing up. Data platforms were helping companies shape themselves. Point Inside was founded on the principle that these worlds would collide and a new model would be required to capture, organize and make sense of it all. Due to massive disruption from e-commerce, brick and mortar retail was a logical place to start. Since 2009, Point Inside has become the world leading indoor mapping and indoor location based services platform.

In early 2020, we started to think outside the box, looking beyond retail and travel.  We identified an opportunity with in-building route optimization for package delivery.  The initial business case was promising, but we also uncovered a much bigger opportunity.

It turns out that indoor delivery is extraordinarily problematic.  It ties-up valuable resources, trucks and drivers, for long periods of time.  A large mall can consume two trucks and two drivers for a whole day.  Last mile delivery, which is serviced by these same trucks and drivers, is the narrowest  bottleneck for logistics carriers like UPS and FedEX.  COVID-19 created chaos for them as well.  Delivery demand shifted from a balanced 50/50 commercial and residential to 30/70.  They don’t have enough drivers and trucks…  or do they? 


That’s where we come in...

Bootworks by Point Inside reduces the number of people and trips required for deliveries.  It costs delivery companies over $1 Billion per year to deliver packages inside large buildings. A small percentage in savings alone would justify the change, but the true benefit goes well beyond the reduction in expense. Bootworks allows delivery companies to re-allocate thousands of vehicle hours per month representing a sizable increase to their overall shipping capacity without any capital investment.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

About: Team

Jon Croy

Founder and Advisor

Jon loves living on the edge of chaos and looking for opportunities therein.  A visionary and lifelong entrepreneur, Jon co-founded Point Inside in 2009 and has held a variety of roles including as CEO from 2019 to 2022.  

Outside of work Jon practices yoga, enjoys cycling and swimming, and has a weakness for rum drinks.

Geary Eppley

Chief Executive Officer

Geary has spent more than 20 years managing the design and development of software products. He joined Point Inside in 2013 as CTO and took over as CEO in 2022. He was previously with PayScale, Inc., where he was the 5th employee and helped build their SaaS compensation platform as VP of Business Products.


Prior to that he spent time in Microsoft’s Developer Division working on web service standards and their .Net implementation. He survived the first dot-com boom designing and launching products at and at DirectSource Global Purchasing.


Jennifer Macallister

Vice President of People and Culture

Jen has wended her way through the HR profession for 25+ years in a variety of industries, at times specializing in Talent Acquisition, Benefits, Training & Development, Employee Relations and/or Compensation, and always serving as a dedicated partner to leadership and staff. 

Jen holds a Bachelor of Art in English from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  She believes that magic happens at the intersection of work and fun.

Jeff Randall

Vice President of Operations

Jeff comes to Point Inside with 9 years of experience at UPS in Enterprise Business Development and Operations.  He excels at developing creative solutions and proactively addressing the ongoing challenges inherent in the supply chain industry.  He continues to look for different ways to consolidate and allocate resources in order to limit the impact logistics has on our environment while enhancing the overall customer experience.

Outside of work Jeff is a dad, husband and friend.  He and his wife Kerry are avid motorcycle enthusiasts who continually search for the perfect ride.

Advisory Board

Tom Cuce

Former President, UPS

Entrepreneur and Strategist

Brian Steketee

David Cunningham

Former CEO, FedEx Express

Marketing Strategist

Ken Mitchell

Cosimo La Porta

Former EVP, Starbucks

Kevin Schreck

CEO, Alturas Real Estate Advisors

Board of Directors

Luke Helms

Former Co-chairman, Bank of America

Jon Croy

Co-founder, Point Inside

Inder Singh

Former CIO, Visa International

Dr. Riadh Fakhoury

Managing Director, Vestech Partners

Josh Marti

Co-founder, Point Inside

Herb Madan

Venture Capital Investor

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