2011 Press Archive


mercury news logo Mercury News: Silicon Valley is powering a change in the way we shop 12/29/11
Xconomy-logo1 Xconomy: Point Inside Faces Big Competitor as Google Starts Mapping Indoors 12/8/11
businessinsider_logo Business Insider: Shoppers please don’t fight at the mall – play Mallopoly instead 11/30/11
mobile-marketer-logo Mobile Marketer: Mall owner GGP: The higher the offer the more successful the campaign 11/21/11
mass market retailers logo Mass Market Retailers: E-shopping spree 11/14/11
Seattle Business Magazine_logo Seattle Business Magazine: Point Inside helps you navigate great indoors 10/28/11
internetretailer_logo Internet Retailer: Mobile app helps shoppers steer their grocery carts 10/19/11
mobile-marketer-logo Mobile Marketer: Why retailers should engage customers throughout their entire shopping experience  9/23/11
Tech_flash_logo_news TechFlash: Point Inside bringing you deals while you stroll in the mall 9/14/11
sun-sentinel-logo Sun Sentinel: Point Inside app offers maps and coupons of malls, airports and Florida theme parks 9/12/11
Xconomy-logo1 Xconomy: GPS for Shoppers Grows Revenue, Looks for more Investment 8/18/11
logo-geekwire-final Geekwire: Point Inside pinpoints new cash, helps shoppers navigate malls and grocery stores 8/17/11
yole_developpement_logo Yole Developpement MEMSTrends: Infrastructure developing to meet demand for location based services 7/20/11
supermarketnewslogo Supermarket News: Technologies Should Make Shopping More Efficient 7/11/11
logo-geekwire-final Geekwire Report: Location based services market to hit $10 billion by 2016 6/10/11
mobileCommerceDailyLogo Mobile Commerce Daily: Nordstrom Goes With Mobile Checkout at Retail Stores Nationwide 5/17/11
Tech_flash_logo_news TechFlash: Point Inside Adds Former Amazon Manager 5/4/11
landlopers_logo Landlopers: How to Customize iPad Travel 4/27/11
mobile-marketer-logo Mobile Marketer: Meijer App Steers Customers to Exact Locations of Products In-Store 4/25/11
MobilePaymentsToday_logo Mobile Payments Today: Mobile Monday: Meijer Find-it App 4/18/11
thewherebusiness_logo TheWhereBusiness: Interview with Point Inside CEO, Josh Marti 3/31/11
RCRWireles_logo RCRWireless: Analyst Angle – Mobile and wireless trends for 2011 1/5/11