Point Inside Understands Location

Driving Business Value with Indoor Maps

How can I better understand my space?

Indoor Maps

Point Inside has the most flexible and advanced indoor mapping technology in the world. Your accurate digital twin is the foundation for overlaying and indexing data to fully understand everything going on in and around your venue.

Our state of the art wayfinding handles everything from floor changes to special access areas, as point to point navigation guides users along the fastest, most efficient route.

Digital Twin data enrichment

Do I have the data I need to make the best decision?

Retail Space Explorer

Stop using gut instinct about the next great location. Start using real world data. Our Retail Space Explorer tool has the answer to all of your questions.

Providing you the ability to assess and compare the value of specific locations, Retail Space Explorer puts all of the insights you need to make data driven decisions at your fingertips.

Retail Space Explorer Popularity

How can location enrich my data?

Location-Based Personalization

Point Inside brings the context of the physical world into your digital personalization strategy. Know where a user is located and what they are interacting with to surface the most relevant and personalized content influencing your digital channels.

Location-Based Marketing

Point Inside will help you reach audiences based on where they've been. We can identify retailer, category, and brand affiliations to improve your targeting and the performance of your advertising campaigns.