Introducing Bootworks by Point Inside

The Full-Service Solution for “last mile” Package Deliveries.




Overwhelming Package Volume

Shifting business dynamics driving growth in residential package deliveries placing stress on package carriers.

Modern Office Building

"Last Mile" Challenges

“Final feet” of the Last Mile of package delivery within high density buildings is expensive and inefficient.

Glass Buildings

Evolving Workplace

Commercial buildings impacted by work-from-home trends and a shift to online retail putting pressure to offer amenities to attract and retain tenants.





The shipping valet offering a full complement of seamless, value-added services to ensure package handling success.


Fully integrated with major carriers to provide “final feet of the last mile” certainty.


On-site, technology enabled, Bootworkers handle every aspect of user’s shipping needs. 


A single hub for carriers, reducing building traffic, and ensuring pickup and delivery efficiency.





Allows retailers to efficiently handle online orders and deliveries

Transition lower occupancy buildings to become distribution centers

Improve tenant satisfaction.

Value added amenity to attract and retain tenants

Improve building safety and adherence to building regulations

Reduce congestion from curbside to inside

Reduce labor cost through process efficiency

Frees trucks to handle more routes

Increased delivery and pick up flexibility during surge periods

Glass Buildings

How We Do It

Bootworks achieves success by bringing together people, process, experience, and technology.

Dedicated, boots-on-the-ground associates are at the heart of the Bootworks experience.

  • Trained and tested to ensure package handling expertise and integrity

  • Equipped with industry-leading, mobile technology

  • Experts in each building’s policies for package handling and security

  • Constantly adapting to customer feedback, maximizing tenant satisfaction

Full integration with carriers creates a seamless, yet enhanced, connection with tenants.

  • Adaptive, app-enabled software maximizes routing efficiency

  • Package tracking within the building, and pinpointed delivery ETAs

  • Proprietary mapping data and algorithms generate transparent shipping insights


Indoor Mapping Solutions

Discover Our Roots


Indoor Maps

Trusted POI

Venue Insights


State of the Art Technology

Data and Insights

Point Inside has the most flexible and advanced indoor mapping technology in the world.

Our state of the art wayfinding guides users along the fastest, most efficient routes, using turn by turn directions. Use search to discover items, services, places and deals with response time in milliseconds.

Point Inside is the global leader in building and managing geo-spatially accurate indoor maps. We’ve gathered, managed and maintained hundreds of millions of Point of Interest (POI) within thousands of precisely mapped commercial locations.


Point Inside provides trusted POI data, audience segments, business insights and custom mapping solutions.

Data Driven Decisions

Surface new and hard-to-access information about the most popular retail locations and monitor the occupancy rates where your retail stores are located.


Improve site selection with valuable leasing and real estate data. Evaluate your proximity to high foot traffic areas using heat map view. Sort venues by popularity, geography, current tenants and more.