Everyone wants to learn more about their customers and learning begins with listening to your customers: where they go, what they search, how much time they spend. Today’s world is filled with data.  Are you looking at all of them to increase the knowledge of your shoppers and the spaces they are in?

Point Inside helps you learn about your customers by listening and then observing and correlating data at a very granular level.  We call this Listen, Look & Learn.  Being a global leader in indoor mapping, Point Inside unleashes new business value by using real world location coordinates to index customer data.  Indoor Mapping is no longer what we do, it’s how we do it.


Listening is the first step toward learning. Listening to your customers has never been easier.  Today we can collect detailed information from mobile users and IoT signals. Point Inside provides a system to capture all of these data signals and uses location as the common index.  This helps you acquire deeper insights from location data to answer important questions like who are your customers, where do they come from, what are they doing while at your location and others.


For ten years, Point Inside has been a leader in indoor mapping with a vast collection of indoor maps for venues like airports, malls and retail stores. The Digital Twin provide a real-world spatial framework that allows you to organize your data.  Maps are the foundation to help you visualize all of your data: customer data, enterprise data and IoT data.  Anchoring data to an absolute, like location, allows you to uncover new insights.  All this just by looking…



Point Inside combines and surfaces data in new and unique ways to help you maximize business value with data-driven decisions.  With access to high-precision location data, digital marketers and advertisers can build targeted marketing campaigns and deliver location-based personalization.  Data science and business intelligence teams can use this data to train machine learning algorithms to connect the dots between online and real-world behavior.  Point Inside can help you leverage location intelligence to gain unique customer and business insights.