by Point Inside

The Full-Service Solution for "Last Mile" Package Deliveries

Point Inside: A Decade of Mapping and Routing Success

Since 2009,  Point Inside has led the way with indoor mapping and routing in high-density venues including malls, airports, and retail venues

In 2020, Point Inside recognized the emerging challenges of package handling to and from these venues

  • The “last mile” of deliveries is inefficient and expensive

  • Carrier infrastructure is stressed due to increased package volume

  • Lack of accurate, up-to-date indoor mapping and routing


Enter Bootworks


Bootworks provides last-mile logistic solutions within high-density environments (HDEs) such as malls and airports using our proprietary mapping and routing technologies, people, and processes

The Bootperks


Stated simply, Bootworks is the right solution at the right time

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Package Carriers

Offers fully integrated last-mile package delivery and pickup. Saving time, money, and assets

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Taps into new revenue streams delivering to malls that are expensive to reach



Addresses the challenges of expensive last-mile shipping costs and the inherent delays of small package delivery carriers' deliveries to shopping centers



Increases tenants’ competitiveness with a fully trained on-site staff that helps to ensure speedy, efficient package movement to and from the store


Routing Applications

Improves your customers planning capabilities, reduces time their drivers spend in buildings, and most importantly separates your app from competitors

The “Sole” of Bootworks


Bootworks achieves success by bringing together people, processes, experiences, and technology

Dedicated, boots-on-the-ground associates are at the heart of the Bootworks experience

  • Trained and tested to ensure package handling expertise and integrity

  • Equipped with industry-leading, mobile technology

  • Experts in each building’s policies for package handling and security

  • Constantly adapting to customer feedback, to improve results


Sophisticated technology creates an easily implemented, enhanced connection


  • Adaptive, app-enabled software maximizes routing efficiency

  • Package tracking within the building, and pinpointed delivery ETAs

  • Proprietary mapping data and algorithms generate transparent shipping insights

Bootworks was conceived from the start to be a smarter, more integrated, full-service logistics option for high-density indoor venues. Bootworks is smart people with smart tools solving difficult problems


Bootworks. We Ship it. We Deliver it. We Get it.

Indoor Mapping Solutions

Trusted Point of Interest

Point Inside is the global leader in building and managing geo-spatially accurate indoor maps.

We’ve gathered, managed and maintained hundreds of millions of Point of Interest (POI) within thousands of precisely mapped commercial locations.

Indoor Maps


Point Inside has the most flexible and advanced indoor mapping technology in the world.

Our state of the art wayfinding guides users along the fastest, most efficient routes, using turn by turn directions. Use search to discover items, services, places and deals with response time in milliseconds.

Venue Insights


Our Retail Space Explorer application surfaces new and hard-to-access information about the most popular retail locations so that you can start making data-driven decisions.


Monitor the occupancy rates where your retail stores are located and track square footage of every leasable unit within the venue.