Bootworks for Malls


Help Your Retailers

Retailers rely on shipments for inventory replenishment and for fulfillment of orders.

Deliver on Promises

Shoppers visit your mall to buy, and you don’t want stock outs to impact their decision to return.

Guarantee Package Movement

Augment the last mile delivery capability of companies like UPS and FedEX to insure your packages arrive and ship on-time.


Our Solution

Bootworks delivery management application enables efficient package delivery.

Bootworks team members deliver the packages inside your venue.


How We Do It


The Bootworks technology is our secret sauce. The Bootworkers are connected to the Point Inside cloud via our mobile app. Our cloud connects to the logistics carriers for package manifest data. The manifest is broken down into logical chunks of work based on package volume, package destinations and distances to be traveled. We also track all package movement and collect detailed data throughout the delivery process. This data and any historical data that’s available from the carriers trains our artificial intelligence so we can better predict work efforts for staffing purposes.


Contact Us

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