How We Do It

The Bootworks technology is our secret sauce.

The Bootworks technology is our secret sauce. The Bootworkers are connected to the Point Inside cloud via our mobile app. Our cloud connects to the logistics carriers for package manifest data. The manifest is broken down into logical chunks of work based on package volume, package destinations and distances to be traveled. We also track all package movement and collect detailed data throughout the delivery process. This data and any historical data that’s available from the carriers trains our artificial intelligence so we can better predict work efforts for staffing purposes.

Integration with Shipping Companies

Our APIs integrate with shipping companies to create a master manifest for inbound and outbound deliveries.

Workflow Management

Our Work Management Platform analyzes the total work to be performed at a location and breaks it into small chunks with defined process and steps for execution.

Indoor Routing

Point Inside’s state-of-the-art Indoor Routing tracks work allocation, monitors execution and collects analytic data.


Package delivery flow analysis services can be used to collect and analyze data on the current package flow and use of the building. This data can then be used to inform planning for the current and future needs of the tenants in terms of business strategy and health risks.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence predicts demand and identifies improvements for the work management platform

Labor Marketplace

Bootworkers equipped with Bootworks technology guarantee safer and more efficient delivery of packages within your building.